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What is Cornhole?  

Cornhole, Bags, The Slopes, etc...Call it what you want, Cornhole is much more than a great name. It’s a game for everyone that combines the finesse and skill of “egg toss”, the addictive competition of a spelling bee and the multi-tasking challenges of tossing bags without spilling your drink.

Cornhole is 2 boards, 8 bags, and two teams of 2. It's like horseshoes with concussion-friendly beanbags. Teams of two stand at opposite ends of sloped boards and take turns "tossing corn" toward the regulation size hole in the opposite board.

A bag in the hole, known as a "cornhole", is worth 3 points. A bag on the board, a "cow pie" is worth one point. Miss the board "sally", you get no points, just some friendly ridicule.

The first team to 21 points wins. But because players can cancel opponents point values by earning the same amount of points in a single turn, the score can and does go back and forth. In other words , things get competitive, which makes Cornhole all the more fun.

Think you've got it now? Check out the ChicagoCornhole Rules to get the full lowdown!


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